Stephanie Than: Co-founder of Aylus has been named the Chair of Arts Committee! Art auction is going on…

Stephanie ThanCommittee Chair: Stephanie
Message from Stephanie:

As someone who has enjoyed art, music, and literature their entire life, I believe I would be an unparalleled candidate for chairperson of the Art, Music, and Literature committee. There has always been something about the humanities that have drawn me in more than the other subjects have: I started taking drawing and piano lessons when I was 4, and even though I no longer take drawing lessons, my passion for both has not diminished in any way. In fact, during times of stress or boredom, I constantly turn towards drawing, playing an instrument, or writing stories. I am 16 years old now and I am more than willing to share my experiences and the skills I have picked up throughout the years. Additionally, rather than just excelling in all these categories, the chairperson should know enough about the topic to full understand the projects taking place. Being an outgoing person, I am confident when I say that I will be able to reach out to others within this field and successfully communicate the jobs or crafts required for the committee to be run smoothly. Giving back to the community is a principle idea of AYLUS and dedicating my time to perfect a section that plays a large part in the development of a child’s creative mind will do just that. If given this opportunity to lead, I promise I will not disappoint and will do everything in my power to assure the quality of my work. There is a plethora of ideas I have in engaging the expressive minds of others from hands on crafts, music theory, and writing topic ideas that having a team to turn these ideas into reality easier.

Arts Auction:
Precious Gifts From a Grandma
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