Let’s celebrate the 1st branch on the West Coast!!!

On the July 15, 2015, three high school students from Cupertino created the 4th AYLUS branch in Silicon Valley, CA. It marks the first branch of Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States in the west coast.


Sophie WenNeha ChawlaVivan Hu

The founders of Silicon Valley Branch are Sophie Wen, Neha Chawla, and Vivian Hu (from left).

It was ten days after the creation of the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS). Congratulation to Sophie, Neha, and Vivian. Great job!

The Description of Silicon Valley Branch

The Silicon Valley branch of the Alliance of Youth Leaders is located in California. We hope to improve our community and culture by advocating volunteering and implementing existing projects. In order to accomplish this, we will follow the three goals that are the motto of AYLUS: leadership, integrity, and innovation. As leaders, we will work to teach members leadership skills to develop their independence and ability to inspire others. Our branch will encourage members to take initiative in starting projects and running events; through these activities, we hope our members will discover their abilities and reach their full potential. We also hope our branch will exhibit integrity by being virtuous. There is no way to enforce integrity, the personal quality of being honest and moral which we all aspire to, without setting an excellent example ourselves, which we will accomplish by preserving an honorable image and conducting all activities in a fair and reputable way. Our branch’s final goal is innovation. We will launch projects in many diverse fields that will be designed to highlight creativity and frugalness and promote the development of new and creative ideas for youth. If you live in California, you are more than welcome to join us!

Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
President Sophie Wen sophiewen1999@gmail.com
Vice President Neha Chawla ncnc3242@gmail.com
Secretary Vivian Hu vivianhu475@gmail.com
Advisor  Emily Ji  jinyunji99@gmail.com


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