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2015 Members of Year New
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Christie-YuChristie Yu

Christie is currently the vice president of The Alliance of Youth Leaders (AYLUS) and co-president of the South Boston branch.  Christie played an important role in the creating of AYLUS.  She is among the four co-founders who co-hosted the inaugural meeting of AYLUS.  She designed logos for both The American Youth Leadership Foundation (AYLF) and AYLUS and contributed in the setup of the web sites of AYLF and AYLUS.  Christie is also a co-founder of the South Boston branch of AYLUS.  In 2015, Christie initiated and coordinated several programs which include co-founding MathCircleOnline.org and VolunteerStation.org initiating the 2015 AYLUS Essay Contest, fundraising for children at a Boston hospital, and others.  Christie participated in AYLUS activities on daily basis in helping updating and editing the AYLUS website.  Christie had also donated her art book IMAGINE to AYLUS for fundraising purposes.

EricWuEric Wu

Eric is a co-founder and the Secretary of the AYLUS. Since the inception of AYLUS, he has also been the committee chair for the Information Technology department and is currently acting as the AYLUS Mathematics chiar. Eric plays the leading role in designing and constructing the AYLUS website. He has worked on every aspect of the AYLUS website on a daily basis to ensure that AYLUS has a state-of-art information hub. Eric co-leads the free Math tutorial videos program and has created numerous AMC tutorial video.  Eric also co-founded MathCircleOnline.org and VolunteerStation.org He has made a great deal of contributions to many events. For example, the Logo/Banner/Shirt Design, Music from Heart, Art Event, Essay Contest, etc..

In addition to organization-wide work, Eric is also the co-founder and president of the Fort Bend branch, where he leads the members to socially involve with their local community.  While constantly recruiting new members, he coordinated many ongoing local activities, such as the VEX Robot learning and competition project, Clean Up the World event, Houston Food Bank volunteering, Tianjin Explosion fund-raising, and Toy Drive for Veteran’s Family hosted by Texas house representative Sheila Jackson Lee.

Sophie WenSophie Wen

Sophie is currently the treasurer of AYLUS and the founding president of Silicon Valley Branch.

Throughout this year, Sophie has actively engaged and played an important role in AYLUS. As the treasurer, she initiated and coordinated the T-shirt design and ran the whole T-shirt program. Sophie initiated and created wonderful DVD collection for the Music from Heart Event, and designed animated gifts for AYLUS logos and a number of events. In addition, Sophie has initiated the Parent Appreciation Event. She is also helping make the slide show for the charity event.

As the president of Silicon Valley Branch, Sophie also organized several events for her members, including the Clean up the World Event and Food Drive. She is also organizing multiple events to perform for local community senior centers. She has actively participated in other AYLUS events, such as the Music from Heart Event, Art, and Essay Contests as well.

FullSizeRenderLauren Yang

Lauren has advocated for awareness of AYLUS in her community and school for the past year. As the current AYLUS Music Chair, she organized a successful “Music From the Heart Event” with over 60 participants and respectful judges. As a co-founder and the president of the Sugar Land, TX Branch, her activities with the branch were numerous. While recruiting over 20 members for the branch, she coordinated several local activities, such as participating in the Clean Up the World Event, volunteering at the Houston Food Bank, performing weekly at an Alzheimer’s Care Center, and raising funds for the Tianjin explosions. In addition, she also initiated introducing AYLUS and the Sugar Land Branch to the mayor of Houston, Annise D. Parker. As an active member, Lauren participated in the music, banner, art, and writing competitions and designed the AYLUS t-shirt.

Hill YinHill (Yuanyi) Yin

Hill Yin is a co-founder and the chair of the mathematics committee of AYLUS.  He is also a co-founder and the president of Manhasset Branch.  Hill leads the free Math tutorial videos program and has created numerous AMC tutorial videos.  These videos were uploaded on YouTube and benefited many. Through the past year, Hill has organized and participated in numerous projects and programs, such as co-founding the MathCircleOnline.org, attending Clean Up the World event, and advocating the AYLUS food drive event. 

Emily WangEmily Wang

Emily Wang is the current AYLUS Chair of Literature. She has been active in the organization, and has most recently spent numerous hours organizing and promoting the 2015 AYLUS Art Event, a widely successful competition with over three hundred beautiful submissions from around the world that will be used for charity work. Emily is currently working with a few other AYLUS officers to create an art book that will celebrate all of the pieces of art that were received. She has also done volunteer work both in and outside of school, and is volunteering weekly at a local hospital and an inner city medical clinic.

As an active member, Emily has designed a shirt for the AYLUS T-Shirt competition, has helped create an idea for a banner, and has participated in the 2015 AYLUS Essay Contest, a competition which she is also on the board as committee chair. She assists the local AYLUS branch with activities, such as the 2015 Clean the World Event, and performs monthly maintenance on the AYLUS website by monitoring the Honor Points system. 

williamWilliam John

William is the president and co-founder of The Alliance of Youth Leaders (AYLUS). William spent a tremendous amount of time setting up the website and designing the first logo for AYLUS. William also co-hosted the inaugural meeting of AYLUS.

William spent many hours initiating and coordinating the Clean the World Up Event. He updated event’s progress on AYLUS website and Facebook and contacted branch presidents to encourage more members to get involved in the event. Volunteers from AYLUS came out to clean parks and beaches to help their communities.  William also helped to drive other AYLUS activities,  such as Music from the Heart, the t-shirt design, the logo design, and the Food Drive.  He is actively involved in local community service, such as volunteering at the First Aid Squad weekly, performing saxophone at senior centers, and organizing book collections for disabled children.

leoLeo Tong

Leo is  co-founder of AYLUS, and a committee member. His earliest participation includes brainstorming logos for AYLUS. During the month of September, he organized the very first branch event at a park cleanup in San Jose. Other events organized include two separate service events at the Second Harvest Food Bank. He also initiated a national holiday food drive in AYLUS, and was able to successfully spread awareness across the branches in the nation. Additionally, he participated in the AYLUS essay contest and was able to submit an essay under the topic “Giving is Receiving”.

Leo is the president of the San Jose Branch and constantly tries to advocate his branch for interaction with the community. In addition, he and his branch are able to get hands on experience at many of their events. Lastly, Leo also constantly tries to expand the size of his branch to make the AYLUS organization more prominent.

CissyCissy Xiao

Cissy is a co-founder and the president of Chicago Branch.
Ever since the Chicago branch was created in August of 2015, Cissy has organized and participated in various volunteer activities. At Feed My Starving Children events, with her team members, they packed lots of food which has been distributed internationally to almost every continent. Locally she led the branch to help multiple activities of the Winter Wonderland event at the Garlands Barrington Retirement Community. As an active member, she initiated and assembled all the information into a slideshow for the Clean Up the World event. Cissy has participated in other AYLUS events, such as the Music from Heart Event, and Essay Contests.

Aric1Aric Zhuang

Aric Zhuang is one of the four co-founders of the inaugural meeting of AYLUS. He helped in the setup of AYLUS website and is the founder and president of the very first AYLUS Branch, The Western Long Island Branch. Aric also helped maintaining the AYLUS FaceBook group operation. He has participated local AYLUS activities such as the Clean Up the World Event and the Thanksgiving Long Island Cares food drive. 

shangtaoShangtao Wu

Shangtao Wu is  the president of the Miami branch. His contributions to AYLUS include organizing the t-shirt and banner design contest, designing a t-shirt and banner, and serving as a committee member of the essay event. His contributions to his community include participating in the Clean up the World event, feeding and clothing the homeless, and organizing regular music shows for a local senior care center. So far, his branch has 19 members and they are working to recruit even more.

Gan LiuGan Liu

Gan Liu is a co-founder of Aylus as well as the chairman of the robotics committee. He is also a co-founder and vice president of the Fort Bend branch. He has been to several Aylus events, including Tianjin fundraising and the Clean up the World Event.  He started a vex team with the Fort Bend branch and lead the team participated in various competitions. Gan and his team members held many seminars in the community.  These seminars have attracted a few hundred people and have made very positive impact to local society.  He also helped elementary school students start robotic teams of their own.  Now. he had eight teams started. Gan played a leading role and volunteered to coach these teams.

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